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All the photographs have been uploaded at Picasa. Clicking on the photographs below will take you to the respective album at Picasa.

Tulip's Resort and Amusement Park (2011-2012)

Fun with Colours - Colour Day Celebrations

Children's Day Celebrations (2011-2012)

Independence Day Celebrations (2011-2012)

Annual Day Celebrations (2010-2011)

Visit to Tulips Resort and Amusement Park (2010-2011)

Christmas Celebrations (2010-2011)

Independence Day Celebrations (2010-2011)

Rhymes Day Celebrations Videos (2009-2010)


The CD for the Rhymes Day can be collected from the school.

Christmas Celebrations (2009-2010)

Learning New Skills - Part 2

Children's Day Celebrations (2009-2010)

Fancy Dress was organized for the children on Children's Day.

Independence Day Celebrations (2009-2010)

The Independence Day was celebrated on 14th August, 2009. The children were dressed as Indian Leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Indira Gandhi, Nehru, etc.

Outdoor Activities

Learning New Skill

Show and Tell